Hygiene workers clean-up in Finland’s employment stakes

Many people are moving into Finland's cleaning trade from other fields and pursuits, and 98 percent of those studying in that country's hygiene sector become employed.

Finland_WinnovaMany people are moving into Finland’s cleaning trade from other fields and pursuits, and 98 percent of those studying in that country’s hygiene sector become employed. Technology has made cleaning work lighter but more demanding, reveals an article published (8 December) by Finnish website www.Yle.fi

Want a job? You’re almost certain to get one as a cleaner if you study for it, states the article.

‘When we think of a cleaner as a professional many still cling to outdated images of an aging female janitor dragging a bucket and mop. Professional cleaning as an industry is a far cry from this stereotype. One person who has come face to face with this reality is Lea Vielmaa, who studies cleaning.

‘Vielmaa has studied cleaning and hygiene for some six months in the Winnova polytechnic in Pori. Her perceptions of cleaning have changed in that time,’ said yle.fi.

“Cleaning isn’t as easy as people think. It isn’t just straightening up like we do at home, you need qualifications,” Vielmaa commented.

The training to become a custodian in Winnova lasts about a year. During that time customer service, technology, chemistry, surface materials and cleaning technique are all studied in depth.

“A cleaner must do their job correctly and hygienically. Thankfully modern equipment is so light and the materials are great. No one totes around a bucket anymore,” Vielmaa emphasised.

In spite of Finland’s quickly rising unemployment figures there are still fields where jobs are available, and cleaning is one of the top sectors. People who have a Winnova hygiene certificate are almost guaranteed to be employed in their trade.

“Of our daytime students 98 percent enter working life immediately after graduating,” noted training officer Marika Karismaa. “All you need is the will.”

Karismaa pointed out that cleaning is something that many turn to after trying their hand at another trade. And respect for that trade is increasing due in part to the high rate of employment.


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