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Gulmen Digital Machinery and Supplies offer digital printing solution to an end user...

APEX 1290

Features and benefits

  • Print on demand in the exact quantities you need
  • Single-pass technology allows for you both to print high
  • Resolutions graphics and variable data all in one run
  • Converters will be able to accept smaller jobs, offset the amount of short run jobs that go on larger presses and benefit by offering a fast and efficient solution for short to mid run jobs
  • Produce a higher profit margin based on a reduced setup costs, quantities needed, and turnaround times
  • Digitally job cost within seconds
  • The optional variable data software allows users to further meet the customer’s needs for mass customization using barcodes, QR codes images, text, symbols etc
  • Increase label creativity by using offline options such as UV coating, lamination, foil stamping and slitting options
  • For brand owners, producing labels in-house will reduce the overall cost per label
  • There will be no need to outsource label printing
  • There will be reduced lead times for labels to be printed, reduced inventories and eliminates the need to order pre-printed labels

apex 1290 (1)


DLD-320 (Digital Label Die – Cutter)

Features and benefits

  • Max. media roller : diameter 450 mm
  • Cutting media width : 40 – 320 mm
  • Max.cutting width : 310mm
  • Min. label length: 10mma Max. label length: 440mm
  • Cutting speed: max 5 m per minute ( depend on labe I shape and size)
  • Cutting blades: 2pc s (standard) max.4pcs
  • Slitting blades: 4pcs (standard) max.15pcs
  • Die- cutting technology with tungsten steel rotary blades
  • Cutting precision : 0.1mm (duplicate )
  • Cutting tracking : singe mark or double mark
  • Slitting speed : Max. 60 m per minutea Slitting precision: 0.2mm
  • Machine size: 158cm (L) *90 cm(W)8136cm(H)
  • Machine weight:420kgs
  • Power: 100-240vac;1000w
  • Warranty: 1 year ( besides high consumable parts)
  • Options:a Bladesa Cutter head a Flat plate system
  • Edge waste removing system


Gulmen Digital Machinery and Supplies offer digital printing solution to an end user By CREATING A LABEL ON DEMAND.

Reel to reel CMYK vibrant colours 1200 X 600 DPI resolution on label material.
Latest sheet printing method PRINT ON DEMAND for short run labels and Plotter Cutter method to apply labels onto products by hand.
This is our latest cost effective solution.
Please call Gulmen Digital Machinery and Supplies on 0438400402 or office 03 9314 0511

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