GJK enters joint venture to form GJK Indigenous Solutions

GJK Indigenous Solutions is a majority Indigenous-owned and operated commercial cleaning and associated services company.

Cleaning and property services provider GJK Facility Services has entered in a joint venture agreement to form GJK Indigenous Solutions.

GJK Indigenous Solutions is a majority Indigenous-owned and operated commercial cleaning and associated services company in partnership with Jasmine Groves, who is managing director of the business.

Groves, whose great grandfather was Aboriginal activist Herbert (Bert) Stanley Groves, has extensive experience with the Indigenous business sector, corporate and government entities across a range of industries including recruitment, education and training and supplier diversity practices. She has also worked previously with CMC Indigenous Services as Indigenous engagement manager.

“I want to continue my family legacy, I want to contribute to the social and economic equality of my people, I believe with success comes a responsibility to give back and create opportunities for other people and businesses to succeed,” Groves said.

“In an open and true joint venture, that we are proud of, GJK Facility Services have assisted us to organically grow, by presenting opportunities and allowing us to draw upon their capacity, success and experience.”

GJK Indigenous Solution branding

GJK Indigenous Solutions will be working with the Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP), with the company’s short term goal to gain capacity in the government sector.

“Achieving this will pave the way for us to be one of the largest employers of Aboriginal people,” Groves said. “Our memberships with the NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce and Supply Nation have provided our clients with a level of assurance that we meet both corporate and community requirements to represent being an Indigenous business.”

GJK Facility Services is one of the largest privately-owned providers of cleaning and related property services. George Stamas, director of GJK Facility Services, said GJK Indigenous Solutions’ core services will include cleaning, hygiene and waste services.

“I believe that businesses can and should change lives and I am happy to offer my commitment, support and mentorship of Jasmine Groves in this great initiative,” Stamas said.

“We have the capability and coverage to deliver services and provide a professional standard of cleaning across all states and territories.”

Max Newman, executive general manager, GJK Indigenous Solutions, will lead the delivery of the new strategic plan over the next two years.

“I’m really excited to be a part of this journey with GJK Indigenous Solutions, which wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for George Stamas and his executive team at GJK Facility Services,” Newman said.

“I am really looking forward to adding value to the first years of this young business and ensuring it keeps to its foundations.”


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