Genesis Biosciences introduces anti-microbial technology

Welsh company Genesis Biosciences has developed an anti-microbial technology designed to protect users of feminine hygiene units through a patented 'vapour technology'.

Welsh company Genesis Biosciences has developed ‘an anti-microbial technology for the facilities management industry designed to provide protection to users of feminine hygiene units through a patented ‘vapour technology’, based on a natural active ingredient being supported under the European Biocidal Products Directive’.

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The anti-microbial technology is intended to make feminine hygiene units cleaner and safer by combating two key issues: ‘to stop odour forming at the source by controlling the growth of malodour-causing bacteria’ and ‘to protect washroom users from harmful pathogens which may be reside inside the feminine hygiene unit’.

The technology has been ‘scientifically proven to combat harmful bacteria in the waste throughout the full length of the service cycle, even when the feminine hygiene unit is full of sanitary waste’.

“Genesis Biosciences is the only supplier of feminine hygiene products in Europe that can substantiate this anti-microbial claim,” stated the company.

General manager Emma Saunders argued that “there should be greater transparency and scientific accountability for anti-microbial products in the European market.”

“Safely treating sanitary waste is a both a health and corporate responsibility issue and companies need to be aware that alternative anti-microbial products on the market simply do not offer the same scientifically validated ‘in use’ protection,” she stated.

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