Fast, effective washroom cleaning

i-spraywash is a new and easy to use tablet based foam cleaning system that improves hygiene and reduces time spent cleaning washrooms and kitchens.

i-spraywash helps you clean better, faster, greener and safer! i-spraywash is proven to offer tremendous efficiency improvements in cleaning and disinfecting washrooms, kitchens and industrial facilities.

Users of i-spraywash have quickly come to love the system. All manual chemical dilution and handling is eliminated through its innovative tablet based automatic dosing which can be adjusted on the fly. This allows operators to adjust dosage to suit the soiling level, improving bang-for-buck on chemical costs.

Another of the greatest benefits of i-spraywash is the way it improves profitability of cleaning contracts by reducing labour costs. You use an i-spraywash at a speed of 1 square meter per second, allowing large areas to be cleaned very quickly.

i-spraywash is simple to use. You simply select the cleaning or disinfection tablet required, insert the tablet in the holder, connect to a standard garden hose fitting, and begin to spray. We offer a special indoor tap adaptor to suit virtually any basin tap, allowing i-spraywash to be used anywhere you have running water.

The unique Active foam technology of i-spraywash means that the very fine foam (or microbubble) is lighter than conventional foaming methods, allowing it to cling longer on vertical surface so the cleaning solution can do it’s work for the full 2 – 5 minute dwell time before being rinsed off with the adjustable rinsing nozzle.

On ergonomics; i-spraywash operators carry up to 4 tonnes less per year, with the gun being only 1kg compared to the 3kg of conventional foaming guns.

Not only does i-spraywash offer operational benefits, it’s more sustainable. Switching to i-spraywash with its concentrated tablets means up to 90% less carbon emissions as there is no transporting of water (the greatest ingredient in any liquid chemical). There is also significantly less plastic packaging involved in a packet of i-spraywash tablets compared to conventional 5 litre bottles of chemical.

And to top off the i-spraywash sustainability hat-trick?

The unique design of the applicator nozzle means that as you can clean almost twice as fast as a conventional foamer, you use almost half the amount of water.

i-spraywash is available through authorized i-team partners. See more about i-spraywash here


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