Environmental ‘Clean and Capture’ Pressure Washing System

No mess pressure cleaning suitable for indoors and busy open spaces. Clean with steam to avoid the use of chemicals and capture the waste for offsite disposal.

Achieve EPA compliance, win work others cannot do and amaze your customers with this pressure washing system. This equipment is fully enclosed and runs at a low noise level of just 73 bd for safe quiet working in busy places. Cleaning is performed within a recovery head that prevents splashing and puddles. The powerful vacuum leaves floors dry at over 75 meters making it perfect for indoor applications. Water can be heated to 130 degrees cutting through grime, chewing gum, oil and fats without the use of chemicals.

Powered by a 35 hp Kubota diesel this system is self-contained with on board water tanks and requires no connections. Heavy duty cleaning power of 300 bar and 18 litres per minute is available for the toughest challenges. The recovered cleaning water is filtered and the dirt retained for later offsite disposal. The grey water can be pumped to a safe collection point, stored on board or in some applications even recycled.

The system is controlled by a user friendly PLC touch screen. Set and forget the pressure and temperature and the throttle will look after itself. The PLC has many self-protection features to prevent damage or misuse keeping your operators and the public safe.

This professional machine is available on a range of trailers or for easy mounting onto a flatbed truck and comes with a full set of hoses and tools. Produced in Denmark by Aquila the 302 REC is Europe’s leading mobile environmental pressure cleaning system.

Gary Ashby
Environmental Cleaning Solutions

Tel: 0438 283 119

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