Disinfect & Protect with SIQURA

The SIQURA Disinfectant & Protectant System can be tailored to almost any application for professional and in-house cleaners or staff.

SIQURA will not only kill bacteria, but also protect hands for up to 24 hours, surfaces for up to 30 days and carpets and upholstery up to 90 days. It prohibits biofilm formation and inhibits mould and mildew growth. Proven to kill up to 99.999% of microbes within 1 to 5 minutes.

The active ingredient in SIQURA is derived from coconut oil and grafted onto a molecular adhesive which keeps the antimicrobial in place, helping to protect surfaces for much longer periods of time.

The antimicrobial component of SIQURA is like a tiny electrical spear.  When a microbe comes in to contact with the spear, a very small electrical interaction occurs.  Unlike some antimicrobials that poison the microbe, it’s this electrical interaction that kills the microbe. Like a pin popping a balloon.  No poison, no alcohol, just a simple electrical charge that remains on the surface, keeping it protected for longer.

Tested against a wide range of pathogens, SIQURA protects against bacteria, odours, moulds and mildew on a wide range of materials and surfaces. The microscopic protective layer provides continuous durable protection.

SIQURA is simple to apply, sustainable, non-leaching, long lasting and above all, friendly to humans, pets and our environment. SIQURA contains no chlorines, bleaches, carcinogenic or endocrine disruptive compounds, and in final life, SIQURA breaks down to form harmless organic compounds. It is non-staining, pH neutral and non-corrosive, making it suitable for a wide variety of applications.

The SIQURA Surface Disinfectant & Protectant System is a complete system suitable for

Restaurants & cafes
Aged & disability care
Office spaces & equipment
Gyms & fitness centres
Kitchens – at home & hospitality
Public transport & ride sharing
Wiping down your car
Walls, floors & door handles
Retail spaces
Animal care
Hospitals & GP’s


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