Digital cleaning a reality, says Diversey CEO

Digital cleaning is a reality and those who aren’t willing to adapt will disappear, says Diversey CEO.

Digital cleaning is a reality and those who aren’t willing to adapt will disappear, according to Dr Ilham Kadri, CEO of Diversey.

Speaking at the 22nd World Federation Building Services Congress (WFBSC) in Berlin, Kadri said digital technologies are transforming the cleaning industry at a rapid pace.

“There are only two ways compete in any industry – cost or value. There will always be another player that can deliver services cheaper than you. In my opinion, differentiating from competitors [through] innovation is the only sustainable, competitive advantage.”

According to Kadri the Internet of Things within the cleaning industry is driven by sensors, connectivity, people and processors.

“We cannot afford to ignore the Internet of Things. I predict [it] will impact the cleaning industry in a way that we have never imagined. It will revolutionise how we clean and how we service our customers, and we either adapt to it or we will disappear.”

In 2015 Diversey launched its Internet of Clean technology platform, which connects machines, dispensers, sensors, beacons, and other smart devices to gain insight into equipment, consumption and operations.

Kadri said digital cleaning technologies such as automation and AI will drive the sector be more proactive than reactive, with the further use of data and insights set to make “the invisible visible”.

“The Internet of Things allows us to reimagine and totally transform the cleaning and hygiene operations in a facility from reactive to active, and even predictive,” she said.

“Information is power but the right information at the right time will make you win. We’re here to turn data into smart and relevant data for our industry. This is the cleaning of tomorrow. Digital cleaning is a reality.”

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