Cloud delivers terrific training and educational resources for all sectors

The advent of increasingly powerful Wi-Fi technology, complemented with ‘smart TVs’ as the standard television, offers a ready and easy access to a prodigious array of training videos, complemented with interactive options such as webinars. No longer are PCs (desktops and laptops) and ‘pads’ the only logical viewing platform. Large screen TVs with integrated Wi-Fi […]

The advent of increasingly powerful Wi-Fi technology, complemented with ‘smart TVs’ as the standard television, offers a ready and easy access to a prodigious array of training videos, complemented with interactive options such as webinars.

No longer are PCs (desktops and laptops) and ‘pads’ the only logical viewing platform. Large screen TVs with integrated Wi-Fi are a more ‘viewable’ option.

Savvy marketers have already embraced the opportunities that YouTube offers but there are increasing numbers of other Internet site options for both delivering education as well as receiving knowledge.

Today’s education and training video repositories reflect virtually all facets of the commercial cleaning and hygiene business including janitorial cleaning tasks, contracting skills, in-house services, carpet and associated technical advice, distribution expertise and manufacturer product demonstrations.

While this on-line resource is no substitute for hands-on training by experienced lecturers, it does allow those needing a quick ‘demo’ a speedy fix. And for those wanting to keep up-to-date with industry trends and competitors’ activities, on-line content is invaluable.

Perhaps the most impressive educational offering from an industry organisation is ISSA TV, a dedicated channel hosted by that body which delivers both specialist cleaning and management video clips.  The ‘How To’ library covers content pertaining to BSCs, distributors, human resources, health and safety, and management.

The videos include Five steps to cleaner carpets by Richard Bodo; Cleaning improves more than the bottom line by Nicole Kenny; Two concepts critical to sales success by Joe Ellers; and What makes a winning proposal by Michel Theriault. Sure, they are US-centric in content and style but all can learn from these experts.

Local RTOs keep abreast

Some local registered training organisations (RTOs) are keeping abreast and capitalising on technological trends. Sydney-based RTO Lennox Institute delivers two on-line courses being safeRclean and greenRclean, the latter now available internationally.

“We are well equipped to tailor make courses to meet specific BSC needs,” explained Lennox’s Elaine Torode.  “IT is a major investment for us and we can offer various blended courses, that is, a mix of face-to-face and on-line,” she added. Certificates II and III in Asset Maintenance can be delivered in a blended format.

Lennox has an on-line portal for delivering these tailor-made programs as well as a portal where clients can download various material that can be delivered to staff – who would then be assessed by Lennox. The RTO also hosts BSCs’ induction presentations that are delivered branded in the companies’ livery and by their own execs.

Lennox uses Webinars to delivering course content, notably its management diploma course.

Emphasising that core training should be hands-on, on-site, Melbourne-based RTO Jena-Dyco does recognise the important role on-line plays in delivering supplementary knowledge.

“We gear our on-line content to meet the needs of Australian and New Zealand technicians as well as those entering the industry,” explained Jena-Dyco’s projects and marketing co-ordinator Lucy Eldred.

Jena-Dyco’s Lucy Eldred

Jena-Dyco has established an on-line training portal,, which is a repository of video tutorials complementing the hands-on training.

The RTO’s on-line repertoire covers both ‘business’ topics as well as specific technical content such as ‘stain removal’ and ‘restoration’.

“We are also developing apps for technicians to undertake problem solving in-the-field, for instance fibre identification,” revealed Eldred.

And building on last year’s webinar successes, Jena-Dyco will expand its portfolio and offer both business and technical webinars.

Manufacturers embrace YouTube

Practically all manufacturers have embraced YouTube, some with dedicated ‘channels’ comprising libraries of product demonstrations as well as other marketing collateral.

Naturally, the lines are generally blurred between videos’ features and benefits content and their training credentials. Suffice to say, there’s plenty of educational ‘meat’ and YouTube is a terrific source of new technology.

Karcher’s KarcherTV, Tennant’s cleanersaferworld, FimapVideos, SpitwaterChannel and Hako’s HakoAustraliaOnline are just some of the dedicated equipment channels. Some companies, such as Trojan Battery Company and Pacvac emphasise education on their YouTube presence.

On the paper front, Tork Better Business is an impressive 50-plus portfolio of videos covering an array of products as well as ‘green’ issues and corporate messages.

One Australian supplier, Interclean Australasia, has been at the forefront of delivering training with videos and its internet site contains a ‘How to’ page of highly informative videos. Those videos are also found on Interclean’s YouTube ‘channel’.

YouTube engenders knowledge bank

YouTube allows those seeking specific knowledge to search, and find, ‘how to’ videos addressing topics such as ‘How to clean a patient’s chair’ in order to eradicate various hospital acquired infections (HAIs). Then, to further the educational cause viewers can leave their comments, which often engender more knowledge.

‘First, for more mechanical action (remember Sinner circle), you could use microfiber rags folded in 4 so as you can use 8 different sides and change it every time you clean different surface on the chair (no cross contamination). Instead of laying your chair and accessories directly on the floor, put it on old sheets that you’ll trash after use,’ stated one viewer of the chair cleaning video.

Distributors emphasise ‘how to’

In their (relatively) independent positions, distributors enhance their client relationships with educational and training gambits, including YouTube videos.

Perhaps the most impressive distributor site is, which is associated with Jangro, a leading UK distributor. Its managing director Gary Fage writes an informative blog while YouTube hosts numerous videos covering ‘how to’ topics such as housekeeping, washroom, and kitchen hygiene.

Some internet sites are created by consultants and geared to selling various products including training, software, and advice. One of these sites – – carries some excellent videos.

Cleanbid principal Dan Liebrecht (cleangurullc) delivers presentations on ‘pricing a job’, ‘how to start a business’, ‘how to get prospects’, and ‘best places to find more business’. Again, this is a US offering but much of the content is very relevant to our local market.

So, the delivery technology exists and will be further fuelled as the NBN is rolled out. And the content is there to be discovered. BSCs, in particular, should be capitalising on these resources in order to not only enhance staff training but also develop competitive edges in services’ delivery.;

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