Clever, wheelie bin handling trolleys

Introducing the WheelieSafe™ range of manual and powered bin handling trolleys.

The current WheelieSafe line-up includes two electric models and

one manual model – all aimed squarely at reducing the effort required in moving bins around while improving safety and efficiency.

Failsafe Braking

Equipped with failsafe brakes, WheelieSafe trolleys will never get away from you. A gentle squeeze of the brake bar (manual model) lifts the brake pad from the tyre, releasing the brake.

The Electric trolleys feature an electro mechanical braking system. When the throttle is released the brake is automatically applied.

Multiple bin loading

WheelieSafe trolleys are equipped with a patented hook system that enables almost effortless loading of all bins sizes from 120L to 360L and allows bins to be lifted from any side, either singly or two abreast.

The trolleys can be expanded upon to carry a third bin with the addition of a handling bracket or up to four lightly laden bins at once with two handling brackets.

Load bearing

A tilt-load bearing third wheel the wheeliesafe trolleys greatly reduce the weight taken by the operator, allowing for improved comfort and safety when moving bins.

Electric Models 

The Electric models are powered by dual 24v x 180w electric worm-drive motors. Other features include:

  • Key ignition;
  • Powered in forward and reverse;
  • Two speeds; slow for maneuvering in confined spaces and walking pace to cover distance;
  • A kickstand for storage economy;
  • Battery condition gauge warns when batteries are low;
  • Battery charger that fits a conventional 240v power outlet, and
  • Freewheeling hubs that allow the trolley to be moved manually when unladen to conserve battery power.

Contact WheelieSafe for more information

(03) 6225 2622

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  1. Can you please supply a quote for an electric wheelie safe trolley. I am a principal of a primary school in Kalgoorlie and we need something like this for moving full bins around the school. Look forward to your response. Steve

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