Bargain-Priced Unger HydroPower Trailers

Expand Your Business.

Now is the time to expand your business with a quality Unger Pure Water window cleaning trailer system. These trailers are being sold at bargain basement prices direct from the importer, fully warranted and available ex-stock.

The HydroPower Trailers complement the Unger Pure Water window cleaning systems, providing reliable mobile pure water to any on-demand window cleaning jobs including specialty jobs like solar panels. Ideally suited for contract window cleaners or for multi-storey buildings up to 60m high, they are extremely easy to use.

These outstanding trailers are ready-to-go direct from Pall Mall and are priced to clear. They come complete with an Unger HiFlo nLite Hybrid Master Pole and Brush and the trailer is registered, ready to hook onto your vehicle and drive away.

Some outstanding features:

  • 100% mobile pure water output
  • 1 or 2 person operation via 2 hose reels and 2 x 12V (10 bar, 150 psi) pumps
  • Pure Water output – up to 250L per hour
  • 2 high quality 100m hoses for optimal reach
  • High value stainless steel hose reels, rust resistant with safety function to block the reels during drive
  • Pure Water Tank: Volume 750L, capacity 650L
  • Digital Controller monitors water flow, pressure and battery power
  • 3 stage water purification production with dedicated 12V pump (Carbon pre-filter, RO membrane and nLite HydroPower DI Filter polisher)
  • High capacity 12V Gel battery offers ‘all day’ operation before requiring recharge
  • Maintenance free 210 amp hour Gel battery with mains charger supplied.

Whether you have an existing window cleaning business that would benefit from the capacity and versatility of the Unger HydroPower Trailer or a cleaning business that has the potential to expand into other markets, then these trailers would be of interest to you.

Normally $35,000 +GST each, pricing has been slashed to $27,500 +GST each which includes a HiFlo nLite Hybrid Master Pole and brush.

Visit HydroPower on the Pall Mall website for further information.

Phone Errol on 02 9584 8644


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