Ban the Mop for professional cleaning

The professional cleaning business has come a long way from John Farnham’s Sadie the Cleaning Lady released in 1967, where Farnham describes poor Sadie working her fingers to the bone.

Let’s ‘Ban the Mop’ for professional cleaning

Mops have improved since their advent but are still based around a simple cleaning system utilising a string, sponge or similar head unit that is dipped in a bucket of diluted cleaning solution. That same mop is then dipped multiple times in the liquid. This means it doesn’t stay fresh for very long becoming contaminated with soils, germs and bacteria on the floor.

This not only contaminates large areas of the floor with pathogens that may have only been present in one specific area, but it also leaves a dirty film on the floor.

So to really clean the floor properly with a mop and bucket there is a need for repeated passes and numerous rinses to achieve really clean floors. And as we know time is money, so it takes longer to clean the floor really well.

There’s a much better alternative

Using a more advanced cleaning system to clean floors like the scrubber dryer has hygiene and productivity benefits. The machine scrubs and dries in one single pass giving fast access to cleaned areas, as well as a time saving benefit.

As well as saving precious time, newer cleaning systems have ergonomic benefits. With a traditional mop and bucket there is a constant motion of pushing and pulling the mop and bending over to wring it out in a bucket. It is hard on the hands, arms and back for operators.

Another drawback of the old fashioned mop is wet floors. Even with a well wrung mop the newly cleaned floor will be wet which means the area needs to be closed for longer, and if accessed too soon can be very slippery.

The modern scrubber dryer like the Nilfisk SC401 enables quicker drying times because it uses much less water than a traditional mop. Plus it cleans more thoroughly having the power to remove grime, grease, and dirt that are traditionally very difficult to remove. In particular, a floor scrubber does its magic by spraying water and chemicals on the floor, scrubbing the dirt and grime away.

Adding to the cost is the constant need to replace mops as they become contaminated. That cost adds up and although more sophisticated systems like Nilfisk’s scrubber dryers cost more upfront they can actually save money over time.

Many sectors need clean floors

Mops have traditionally been used to clean many different facilities in sectors like education, retail, healthcare, food industry and more. Pretty much any place a hard indoor surface needs cleaning and each of these has its own challenges.

The mop just doesn’t cut it anymore. Save time and money and really clean your facility’s floors properly.

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One thought on “Ban the Mop for professional cleaning

  1. Great Idea but
    the machines don’t get behind toilet bowls and into toilet cubicles easily and into some very tight spaces in toilets and kitchen areas
    Please post pictures of your machines in real cleaning situations

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