BAGLESS Back Pack Vacuum a Reality!

Global Launch - Hako Australia launches the world’s very first commercial BAGLESS back pack vacuum cleaner for professional cleaners.

Why aren’t there any bagless commercial vacuum cleaners? Well there is NOW!

The Advantage is the next generation of commercial back pack vacuum cleaner that takes back pack vacuuming to a new level. It brings together enhanced productivity of back pack vacuuming with better cleaning and genuine reduction in vacuuming costs.

The Advantage BAGLESS Back Pack Vacuum not only eliminates the need to use, buy, clean, replace vacuum bags, it increases dirt pick up by 200-300% more than conventional vacuums with filter bags. And with its Patented 3TDC Swirl Tube Axial Cyclone Filtration Technology, it maintains consistent suction so you can clean more area in less time!

Patented – Swirl Tube Axial Cyclone Technology

Take advantage and start using The Advantage BAGLESS Vacuum. You start saving money and time the minute you start using it.

Quick, Easy One Button Emptying

Key Features:

  • Bagless Cleaning to reduce your waste and spend on replacement bags
  • Patented 3TDC- STAC® Filtration Technology collects up to 300% more dust
  • Antimicrobial technology reduce germs and odours
  • One-handed single button release to empty the canister with ease
  • Consistent Suction for the cleanest most productive vacuum cleaning today.
  • Ergonomic design that provides maximum comfort around your shoulders, upper and lower back—even after hours of cleaning
  • Smart-cord restraint that’s intuitively placed to prevent tripping over the cord.
  • And so much more…

Vacuum quicker, better, smarter with The Advantage BAGLESS Back Pack Vacuum.

Designed and assembled in Australia, you get a 2 year warranty on materials and workmanship, and a 3 year warranty on the motor—you can have peace of mind when you use The Advantage.

You can learn more about The Advantage BAGLESS Back Pack Vacuum by visiting our website at:

Available now from an authorised Hako dealer, call or email us for your nearest stockist.

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