A no-touch solution to spill contamination

Rubbermaid Commercial Product’s Biohazard Spill Mop provides a safe and easy method to clean blood and bodily fluids, preventing slips and contamination.

Transmission of disease via droplets is considered to be one of the greatest dangers in healthcare due to the current climate. Transmitting a disease via droplets occurs when infected droplets come into contact with the surfaces of the eye, nose or mouth[1]. These droplets can be generated through coughing, sneezing and talking[1].

In addition to droplet transmission, slips, trips, and falls are also a significant risk factor within all industries. They can result in either serious injury or harm. From 2003-2015, slips, trips, and falls were the determining factors for 386 worker deaths within Australia. Also, 23% of all slips, trips and falls led to serious legal action [2]. Spill and droplet management is a top priority for preventing these situations from occurring. Professionals must be able to rely on products that can effectively clean droplets and spills, creating a more hygienic and safer environment.

Rubbermaid Commercial Product’s innovative Biohazard Spill Mop can assist in maintaining a safe and hygienic healthcare environment, an innovative addition to spill and droplet management.

This advanced spill management solution features a clever no-touch quick-release design so the user can dispose of the mop pad after use without coming into contact with any liquid or contaminated substance. The single-use, disposable pad is made of highly-absorbent non-drip materials that lock liquid inside to contain the mess during disposal.

Biohazard Spills can occur anywhere at any time, especially in areas with high traffic. The Biohazard Spill Mop Kit comes with pads in a compact, dispensable carton and a collapsible handle accommodating for limited storage space. This allows for the Biohazard Spill Mop Kit to be stored where spills happen.

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